Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Made it to Texas

Peeper was a delightful travelling companion on the plane, as usual.

Full disclosure: She only stayed in the CARES harness for a few minutes, and spent most of the flight in my lap, much of that nursing and napping. During lunch, she was in her seat, with just the regular seatbelt. I did tell her that "if the lady says you have to buckle, you have to buckle," because she is not, technically, legal in a lap now that she's two. (Which makes little sense.)

The whole CARES harness and no carseat through the airport thing is made possible by the fact that my parents were kind enough to buy a duplicate of our carseat, to live here.

Which is wonderful.

The only catch is that someone has to remember to put it in the car before driving two hours to pick us up at the airport.

Otherwise, we would have to rent a carseat, and a car, to make the two-hour drive back to the Anonyparents' house.

Just sayin.

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  1. So so sorry about that. You would think that between Anonymama, Frappa, and I, SOMEONE would think about it. The real irony is that she had #1 go out and make sure the back seat of my van was clear to fit you, Peeper and the carseat. I *knew* you needed it, but apparently I thought it would magically materialize when you got in the van.


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