Saturday, December 18, 2010

Little Loophole Louise

The other day, while nursing, Peeper kept putting her foot in my face, in a very ungentle, and unacceptable way. I told her repeatedly to stop, and finally grabbed it and said something along the lines of "Get this foot out of my face!"

So she put the other foot in my face.

When I said, "You can't put either foot in my face," she looked right at me, and very deliberately lay her hand on the side of my face.

Except for the smart-ass sentiment behind it, a hand on my cheek while nursing is quite sweet, so I told her that was ok.

This morning, Peeper went over to the antique heirloom hand-painted Christmas-themed cookie jar semi-disposable plastic ziplock box of cookies and said/signed "Cookie!"

Shrike told her, "Not now, Honey. Let's have some cereal first," and gave her some Cheerios in her snack bowl.

Two seconds later, she was back, asking for cookies.

Her snack bowl was on the floor, and she was chewing on a mouthful of Cheerios.

"No honey, more cereal than that."

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