Saturday, December 4, 2010

Light Show

I was a big dummy and didn't think to take my camera for this, but Peeper's Christmas Countdown activity for today was a very cool animated musical Christmas light display at a home not far from us.

I read about it on Facebook, and realized it was only five minutes away, so figured it would be a good, low-impact activity for her.

It turns out that it's part of the Blue (well, hmm, not-so-blue-anymore-actually, dammit) State Tour of Lights, which is raising money for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

You put your radio on a certain station to hear the music, and the lights are synchronized with that.

I parked across the street and put Peeper up front with me, so she could see, and she really enjoyed it. She kept saying "Bwoo! Rrred! Gweee!"

This was the first night, and they were even giving away cookies and hot chocolate in the drive way - where we ran into one of our MOMS Club friends. (They're everywhere!)

We'll definitely be going back with Shrike, and with more money for St Jude's, since I was only able to scrounge up a few cents for the donation box.

And next time, I'll take the camera!

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