Saturday, December 4, 2010

Health Report

Except for an hour or so around "bedtime" (read: 2 am) last night, when Peeper nursed to sleep in my lap THREE times, but twice woke when I tried to transfer her, and screamed like she was being killed (I really think she had to be hurting somewhere, it sounded more like pain than mad), she's been doing great since around midnight last night.

She was very happy to see Mommy when she got home from work last night, and very ready to play. It was soooo nice to see!

Today she's pretty much been herself.

Shrike, on the other hand, has spent most of the day in bed, trying not to throw up. She hasn't (knock wood) but has been nauseated and seems to be running a bit of fever.

She says she's feeling better (but not "all better") now, so we're hoping she'll be fine by tomorrow.

I'm kind of glad I did this first, and I'm not just sitting here waiting for it to hit me!

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  1. When #1 had what was probably the Texas version of the same thing (Thanksgiving day) he had a headache and nausea, but I don't think he actually threw up. I think his lasted about 24 hours.


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