Wednesday, December 8, 2010


As I may have mentioned before, my position on the MOMS Club board involves organizing the club's monthly service projects. Over and over, I've been amazed at the generousity of our members.

Our current project is to supply Christmas gifts and dinner for two families that we've "adopted" through the Salvation Army. Each is a single mom with two kids - one has four and five year old boys and the other has a nineteen month old son and six month old daughter.

Our club will be providing each family with:

All the gifts that they specifically requested for the kids (clothes plus at least two toys each)
Christmas stockings for each kid
Body lotions and $40 salon gift certificate for the moms
A string of Christmas lights
About $70 worth of food
$20 grocery gift certificate

I've got everything packed up and ready to deliver to the Salvation Army on Friday.
One family's gifts.

The other family's gifts.

The groceries before sorting and boxing.

One family's food.

The other family's food.

All the food.

If any of the cans are dented, this is why.

All the gifts

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