Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bundled Up

Have I mentioned that it's cold? It was in the upper 20s for most of the day. The depressing part is that this isn't a cold snap that will end soon, it's only the beginning. It is going to get much colder and it is going to be months before it's consistently warm again.

Good thing the kid is so cute in her winter wear.


  1. Oh my goodness, so cute! Is that last year's coat that she can still wear? Wow.

    Looking at the carseat pic, is that the same Christmas Elmo in a stocking that we have? If so, can I get a good pic of him? Then I will tell you the trauma that befell our poor Elmo.

  2. It is the same fleece jacket she wore last year. It's an 18 months, and was big on her last year. It fits fine when she's in a thin shirt, but when she's wearing a sweater, the sleeves are pretty snug. Of course, she's got some really bulky sweaters, so that might happen in any jacket. I suppose we need to look for another one. I think we have a hand-me-down puffy coat, which she can wear for playing in the snow (outside for longer periods, and will need something waterproof) but for going to / from / in the car, I like fleece, because it's safer in the carseat.

    I don't know about your singing Elmo in a stocking, but it probably is the same one. It sings Jingle Bells. I can try to get a better photo, but he lives in the car, so it's kind of hard to do.

    What happened to yours? Was it kitty-related?


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