Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yes, I know it's the 27th and that means that I should have taken a panda picture, but I was kind of out of sorts today.

When Peeper and I got home from Target and the grocery store last night, I was feeling really icky, and by the time Shrike got home from work (half an hour early, because I emailed and begged her to come save me) I'd thrown up twice, and was lying in the floor near where Peeper was playing, trying desperately to ignore the series of food-related Sesame Street videos that I'd inadvertentally cued up.

Except for when the computer monitor went to "sleep" and the screen went black, right in the middle of me throwing up, Peeper handled it pretty well.

The first time, she came in the bathroom and patted me on the back. I asked her to hand me the toilet paper (which lives on the counter, so she doesn't unroll it all) to blow my nose and such, and the next time, she got it on her own, tore off a piece, and shoved it in my face. Very sweet.

When Shrike got home, I went right to bed and sort of slept until they joined me. I had Peeper almost to sleep, when I had to get up again, which of course undid all the sleepiness so far.

I feeling pretty bad all night, but much better this morning. I figured it was best to stick to soup and toast today, though, so I skipped the family Thanksgiving dinner, which was a bummer, but on the other hand, I had about four uninterupted hours to work on getting the store ready for the big "Grand Reopening," so I suppose that was good.

I was feeling well enough this evening to have a bit of leftovers, but still didn't manage to even think about taking a photo until it was way to late to stick her in front of the panda.

But I did manage this.

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