Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tool Time


  1. I had one of those peg boards when I was a kid. Only, back in those days, the head of the hammer wasn't plastic. I guess it was probably wood. Which isn't too bad, safety-wise, but I remember a lot of other toys my siblings and I had that make me wonder how we survived and grew up. Toy cars with wheels that came right off, toy kitchen stuff all made of metal (my brother fell on a toy metal egg beater and needed stitches.)It's a lot safer world for kids these days.

  2. This one is all wood, too. It's a cool set, there's a hammer and screwdriver and wrench and wooden plates with holes that you can screw together and the holes in the bench, and nails and screws / bolts and nuts.

    It is a wonder that we survived our toys, but even when we had safe toys, we managed to find something dangerous to play with.

    Once, my brother and I, and a couple of friends, were in my bedroom, standing on opposite sides of the bed, playing catch with . . . the head of a hammer.

    Yep. Heavy, sharp, piece of metal. Tossing it back and forth.

    Seemed like a great game, until my brother missed and it hit him in the head.

    I don't remember if it required stitches or just a butterfly, but I do remember that it took a lot of explaining for my mom to understand that I'd thrown it *to* him and not *at* him.


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