Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Talkin' Turkey

After our fairly successful leaf "unit" last week, I figured it would be appropriate to "study" turkeys this week.

Um, yeah. So far, I think we're working on about a C- or so. It's Wednesday and we just did our first turkey-related activity.

Our nephew made this when he was in preschool, and gave it to us (in the nice mat and frame) for Christmas one year (we have a handprint floral piece from his sister, as well). As I was looking for activities, I actually came across the instructions for it, from which I learned that not only are the feathers made of handprints (that part we knew, of course), but the turkey's body is made from two traced footprints (in shoes). That explains a lot.

As luck would have it, Peeper's noticed this piece lately (her highchair faces it) and commented on the "Hayuns!" and agreed that it's a "tuhkeh!" (and that he says "bob-bob-bob-bob-bobuh"), so I thought we'd try to reproduce it.

I think we did a damn good job, actually.

When we finished the turkey, I felt like we were on a roll (and I had a lot of teeny bits of paper lying around) so I thought I'd stick with the Thanksgiving theme, and do one more project.

The art gallery.

Works in progress:

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  1. That is an awesome turkey! It looks like some of the stuff my kids and I made when they were little. Our happiest times were at the dining room table (it had a kid-proof surface) with glue, crayons, paper, tape, and markers. I used to save paper towel rolls and other such things before we really had recycling, and my kids would make things. They were pretty creative. And we sure went through a lot of tape.


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