Saturday, November 13, 2010

Talk Talk Talk

It's a good thing that I let myself off the hook for writing down every damn word Peeper says, as of her birthday, because there's no way I'd be keeping up now.

I had "officially" recorded 180 spoken words, as of then, and five days later told the doctor that I thought she probably had "about 200" (including new ones since I stopped tracking them, plus assuming I'd missed a few).

It's been almost two weeks since then, and I wouldn't even venture a guess as to where she is now.


Could it be 300???

(Oh wait, I guess I just did, huh? That could be soooo wrong though. I am a very bad estimater.)

I keep telling myself that I'm going to pick a day and not even attempt to write down what they are, but just try to keep a running tally of how many words she uses that she didn't have as of when I stopped writing them down.

Or maybe just an hour.

(I need one of those little hand-held clicky counter thingies.)

And, as predicted, within a week of telling the doctor that she was not using any two-word phrases, she started doing that.

Okay, maybe she isn't exactly "doing that" yet, but she "has done that," at least three times:
  1. Mama wawa - Mama's water
  2. (Something I can't remember. Shit. You see why I wrote these things down?)
  3. Moaw (Peeper) - Give more to Peeper.
As you can hear in the video from yesterday, she often "goes on and on" with one single word after the other, or holds back-and-forth conversations, one word at a time, but those are separate thoughts. These are the only two-words-to-express-a-single-thought that we've heard so far, but I'm sure that she'll be using them more and more and will be stringing together whole sentences before long.


  1. Wait till next year.(or even sooner.) She'll be a non-stop chatterbox. It's so fun when they start asking questions, like Why? and you have to think of answers.

  2. I remembered! "Cow moo." That was "sentence" #2.


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