Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Peeper now calls sunglasses "Eyes!"

What I wanted was a photo of her new purple butterfly pair, but I guess this one with mine will have to do.

After slipping and falling quite dramatically, but without injury, on the patio, she walked out into the nice, soft grass and did a dramatic reenactment.

Moments after this photo was taken, she jumped up and said, "Airplane!" (or, you know, some approximation of that).

Most planes passing over our house are small ones from the nearby municipal airport (is that right? just guys with planes flying around in circles, not anybody taking passengers anywhere), and they usually make a good bit of noise.

I didn't hear a thing, but I looked up anyway and, sure enough, waaaaay up there, where I could barely make it out, was a jet.

Good eyes, Peep!


  1. I wanna see the purple butterfly pair! :)

  2. I'll keep trying. I'm kicking myself for missing a great photo op today, during our dog walk.

    She was on my back in the new, pretty carrier, wearing the above-mentioned purple sunglasses and a fuzzy pink hat with earflaps and puppy dog ears and face (Well, it's probably actually a bunny, but she thinks it's a "da-da" so "da-da" it is.) and holding a foot-long pine bough in each hand.

  3. I had handed her all that stuff after she was "loaded up," so I didn't actually see her in it until we were home and I got her down off my back. That's when I said, "Oh maaaan! Why didn't we take a picture!"


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