Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What A Day

We started with a MOMS Club meeting this morning, where I turne din my baked goods and collected canned good for a food drive that - whoops - isn't actually happening until next month!

Then, off to the bank, where I actually had the required paperwork this time, and was able to open a business account, (Yay!) and get $100 cash / change for this evening's expo.

Then, to Dr. Tara's office, where we arrived about five minutes late, and Peeper immediately crawled into my lap to nurse, fell asleep and slept through the entire session. (Yay! again)

Then, since Peeper was well-rested, we had lunch at Red Robin, then home for an hour or two, until Shrike's parents picked her and Peeper up to go visit her grandparents.

Then, I worked on the store website a bit, put on my fancy pants (and my beautiful, expensive sweater that Anonymama bought for me while I was in Texas - thank you!) and headed over to the Home Business Expo, which went really well.

We had quite a few people there (mostly, but not all, members) and the preliminary reports look like we should have a significant donation for the riding center.

I know that the bake sale brought in about $130 (and still had tons of stuff left - we gave a bunch of it to the firefighters), and I heard from some of the other vendors that they were looking at good donations from their profits.

For my part, I made three actual sales - two sets of these amazingly soft wash cloths / diaper wipes, to two different people, and four wet bags to one mom (she has five kids, and plans to use them for wet bathing suits and such) - and two people are probably going to buy carriers from me next week.

If those come through, I should be donating about $75, which is pretty damn good for a couple hours work, I think.

(Hahaha - as if there weren't plenty more hours that went into it! But you get the idea.)

Now, I just have to reshelve all the merchandise that I took, finish getting the website put together, buy some more merchandise, figure out how to go about sending sale tax money to the state, do some advertising . . . .

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