Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat on Main Street

This afternoon, we had to go downtown anyway, to pick up the cupcakes for Peeper's birthday party tomorrow (I peeked, but they are all boxed up. I'll have photos tomorrow.) so we figured, what the hell. We'll go ahead and get costumed up again and arrive at the appropriate time to do some trick or treating while we're there.

Peeper walked a good bit of the way (we have a non-backpack harness/leash which works great with her costume) and insisted on carrying her pumpkin bucket herself.

As we were leaving, we ran into some MOMS Club friends on the square, waiting for costume contest results (we didn't bother entering, because we knew a store-bought costume would never win). We were thrilled when our photographer friend M's kids won the big prize!

Her five-year-old daughter was the Statute of Liberty (her idea) and her three-year-old brother was a Swedish immigrant. He could not be cuter in his little hat and bow tie!

Both my girls are napping right now, and I just finished baking and decorating the ladybug cookies for the birthday party.

As soon as they wake up, we'll get dressed up again and go over to Eena and Papa's for "real" trick-or-treat.

Oops, there she is now . . . .

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