Friday, October 8, 2010

Daily Peep: Spooky Friends

Just a typical evening at Target.


  1. I kind of thought she might make a fuss when you took the pumpkin away. One of my own kids was particularly good at screaming the store down when things weren't going her way. Peeper is such a good-natured and easy-going child. You guys are blessed. And btw, the purple hat matched her dress perfectly.

  2. She was sadder about leaving the witch and the ghost - what you see here is the bit of quite a while that we spent there, and we had to go back and see them again later - but you're right, she is pretty laid back about such things.

    And that pretty purple hat came home with us. We realized a couple of days ago that we should buy some of these cute, silly things on the dollar aisle, for dress-up purposes.


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