Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Self Identifying

One of Peeper's most exciting new words is her own name.

She started saying it a couple of weeks ago, if I asked, "What's your name," but didn't use it much spontaneously until last week.

Now, she identifies herself in both photographs and in the mirror. Here and at my mom's house, there are mirrors opposite the bed, so she's gotten very into standing on the bed and looking at herself, pointing to her chest with both forefingers and saying, well, a very new-talker version of her first name.

I think she's said it a few times to mean "Give XYZ to Peeper" and this evening, when we were running around town looking for ladybug party decor, every time I took her out of the car, as I picked her up from the carseat, she pointed to herself and said her name.

Not only does it make her sound like such a Big Girl, it's also about the cutest damn thing you ever did see.

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