Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh Yeah, That.

I realized yesterday, when I referenced our baby2 plans, that I've not given an update on that lately, so I probably ought to.

I think the last thing I mentioned was that back in September, when Shrike was about to have the mock transfer, which is sort of a mapping of the uterus.

Well, not so much. When we went in for that, the doctor got as far as the preliminary ultrasound, and discovered that the fibroid that we'd been told would be no problem back in May, is actually a problem, because it's sticking out into the uterine cavity.

(The ultrasound in May was on Day 3 and the one in September was about Day 9. I suspect that it was being hidden by uterine lining when we took that first look at it.)

So, waaaay too early tomorrow morning, she's going to have it removed. It's just day surgery, and without going into more graphic detail than Shrike would appreciate, regarding her anatomy, lets just say that it doesn't involve an incision to get to it. 'Nuff said.

The surgery is, coincidentally, being done at the same hospital where Peeper had her dental work a couple of months ago.

As of tomorrow, Shrike and Peeper will have both had day surgery in the same hospital, and Peeper and I both had real surgery in the same (other) hospital (my gastric bypass, her open-heart). I figure all we need for the trifecta is for Shrike to have a baby in the same (yet another) hospital where I had Peeper!

Because this is happening so damn early in the morning (we have to be there at 6 am, to do it at 7:30 am), we're spending the night at a hotel a few blocks from the hospital. Luckily, they have no problem with Peeper going back into the preop "holding tank" with us, or the recovery area, once Shrike is awake.

Shrike's asleep now and Peeper is (hopefully) about ready to go to sleep. I'm hoping I'll be able to fall asleep then, too, instead of staying up til some stupid hour like I usually do.

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