Monday, October 18, 2010

Making a Withdrawal

Me and Peeper nursing at the credit union, while opening her first savings account.

She has a whole $15 in it. Plus $25 in a CD which will mature just before she turns seven.

She and Shrike were with me because we were also supposed to be opening a business account for the store.

(It will be a joint account with Shrike, so I needed her signatures. I did not need her signature for Peeper's account, because they only allow one adult on a custodial account. Which is ridiculous. What would stop me from running off with all Peeper's money? I mean, you know, other than morals. And the fact that it's not enough to make it to the state line. And we live really close to the state line. But, I digress . . . .)

But, the bank wanted some paperwork that I didn't have (well, most if it, it turns out, I did have at home, but not all of it) so I have a call in to my lawyer to find out what a docketing statement is and where I can find it, and I will try again when I get that.

In the meantime, I'm hoping that no potential customers are scared off by PayPal telling them that their money is going to my personal email address.

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