Monday, October 11, 2010

Daily Peep: Yet Another Pumpkin Patch

I swear, I have seen more fucking pumpkins in the last six weeks than in my previous forty-plus years.

Today it was the local "(Family Name) Potato and Produce Barn: The Farm in the City."

There were pumpkins of all sizes, shapes, colors and varieties, and Peeper loved every one of them.

There were also animals to pet and feed: sheep, goats, bunnies, chickens, donkeys and minature horses (one of whom bit Peeper, but she got over it) and friends from the MOMS club, both small and tall.

They had a really cool play area set up for the little ones.

And a store, where we bought some local honey (they keep bees there, too) and some "harvest frosted" pretzels (dipped in icing, and drizzled with chocolate and orange-colored icing) and saw the coolest (according to Peeper) pumpkin of all.


  1. (Anonomama). Is she old enough for honey? Double check the rules!

  2. Yep, 12 months. She had some on her birthday.

    (And, at any rate, *I'm* old enough!)

  3. Rules schmools. S is already eating shrimp and scallops. Happened by accident the first time, but no terrible reaction, and she loves them, so wth-- she's a shellfish eater at 20 months.

  4. lol - yeah, I think "No honey or peanuts before one" was the only rule we followed.

  5. I'm pretty sure Peeper had shrimp before she was a year old. (And fwiw, BabyBro's twins got the "all clear" for seafood at a year.)


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