Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daily Peep: Trick or Treat I: The Grocery Store

One of our local grocery stores did trick or treat tonight, so I got Peeper dressed up and took her over there. 

This is her haul, minus some candy corns and pretzels that we ate on the way home (via Target). There was a fair amount of dumb candy, but also some good stuff. Yes, that is a bottle of water and a small (7.5 oz) can of Sprite. For trick or treat. It was a grocery store, after all.

Alot of the candy was of the hard and/or ridiculously chewy, and therefore, choking hazardy, variety, so I figured it was best to just give her the Cheetos.

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  1. So. Cute!

    I'm reading this after midnght, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEEPER!!!


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