Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daily Peep: Pumpkin Pickin'

She's this tall this fall. I'm calling it 2'7" - or 31" - the same as the pediatrician said a few weeks ago.

I looove you, Giant Pumpkin!

Yes, she is kissing it.

On the hayride.

At the pumpkin patch.

Peeper picking a pair of perfect pumpkins.

Mmmm, pumpkin guts!

This little girl's mom (Hi, T!) told us today that she recently asked, "Why does Peeper have two Mommies? I want two Mommies!"

Sliding with Mommy.

Trying to explain to her why she can't climb up the caterpillar slide.

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  1. (Anonymama) Looks like a perfect fall afternoon. Glad Shrike felt up to it already. Peeper is such a little girl and not a baby, anymore in her little jeans. She has the longer legs of a child, all proportioned like a big girl. And oh so cute and sweet.


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