Sunday, October 17, 2010

Daily Peep: Almost Bedtime


  1. Does she go to bed at 1130pm or is this only when you had time to post this? also. you bparent her down? nursing? how do you get her to release? when I nurse Belle down, (she is 33 months) she never releases, so i am stuck basically for 1/2 the night. I try to release and she roots for more. after about 1/2 hour this morning at 0500 I finally got her to release and go back to sleep :)

  2. Um, yes and no?

    She usually goes to bed around midnight these days (Shrike works 2nd shift, so we all sleep in).

    Yesterday, the photos were taken at 11:35, she went down around 12:30, and I actually posted this around 2:30 am, and faked the timestamp.

    I do nurse her to sleep for naps and bedtime and sometimes she unlatches easily, other times, I'm there for quite a while.

    Often, she lets go without a fuss the first time, but if she wakes up and I have to nurse her back down, I'm often there for the duration, especially for a nap.

  3. hmm. I always have good intentions of getting up when I nurse her down for naps, but then i fall asleep half the time anyhow. i have this idea that I should be doing more in my evenings, so i want so badly for her to fall asleep on her own so I can do some things (which by the time i have her down amounts to reading your blog an dfalling asleep) :)


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