Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cookie Wrecks

So, the thing is, I have to take a dozen plain sugar cookies to the MOMS Club Halloween party tomorrow evening, so that the kids can decorate them. But I bought a package of break-and-burn (not even slice-and-burn) cookies that makes two dozen.

Soooo, I let Peeper play around with the second dozen.

Eight of them we decorated before baking.

(That is a lie. Maybe five got decorated and baked. The rest were eaten raw.)

The others, I baked with the ones for the party (for insurance) and then iced them and let her decorate them like that.

Then there was a bath. And the sweeping of the kitchen. And later, a foot-bath, because this is what she looked like after "helping" me fweep! fweep! fweep! the kitchen.

And, of course, when I let her have "just one" (read: two) cookie before tooth-brushing-time, she chose that one with all the black sprinkles and sugar, and then proceeded to lick it off, rubbing the cookie all over her face.

I can't wait for Christmas cookie time!

(But I will be decorating the ladybug cookies for her birthday party during naptime.)


  1. Isn't it great having a two-year-old helper? They really teach you how to be less goal oriented and more about enjoying the process. And then after the sticky gooey cookie fun, or whatever it is they're "helping" you with, you just plunk them in the tub.


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