Monday, September 6, 2010

Daily Peep: Wardrobe Malfunction

Before our beach trip, Shrike's mom found a bunch of cute Peeper-sized summer clothes on clearance, so of course, she couldn't resist. (Some were like $2 each!)

She got them in 2T and 24 months, so I was thinking that they'd probably be for next year, but oh, that cute little pink sundress might be okay now, because really, it'll just be a little longer than intended, right?

I started to put it on her a few days ago, and thought, "Well, that's kind of annoying that it doesn't come with matching panties. No problem, I'll just put a pink diaper on her and that will be fine."

(Cue self-righteous smugness about her cute cloth diapers.)

And then I put it on.

And about two inches of her diaper was showing past the bottom of the "dress."

Oh, well that would explain the lack of matching panties.

Shirts rarely come with them.

In my defense, when she wore this outfit over to their house this evening, Shrike's mom said, "Oh, I thought that was a supposed to be a dress!"


  1. That is so cute! Have you tried the others on her? That one doesn't look a but too big.

  2. I know! It is a little on the long side (for a shirt) but not too long.

    I really need to try the shorts / tshirts on. We might need to start wearing them EverySingleDay! before the weather turns and stays turned.

  3. But doesn't she look about 6 years old in this outfit?!

  4. And it looks adorable, dress, shirt, whatever! I wonder if I could find it in my size? :) I am going to save some of the dresses we have from this year to use as shirts next Summer! And you know, most of the 24 months come with bloomers, but the 2T don't. Don't ask me why seeing as though they are basically the same thing, but that is what we have noticed with most outfits so be prepared!

  5. Whatever it is, she looks cute in it!

  6. Oh, and she's wearing 2T shorts and shirt right now. The shorts are a big loose, but they work. It's actually kind of nice to not have to hold her by the waistband and bounce her down into her shorts, like with some of the 18mos!

    Photos later ;-)


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