Monday, September 20, 2010

Daily Peep: Stumblina

Disclaimer for Anonymama: She's fine.

This evening, I was out on the patio, watering my $6 tomatoes ($9.99 topsy turvy planter + half a bag of potting soil + one tomato plant = two freakin' tomatoes) and bell peh-puhs, while Peeper was bopping around and doing her thing.

Just as I got on my tippy toes and streeeetched to pour the water into the top of the planter I heard a SLAP and turned to see Peeper on her hands and um, face?! on the brick step that leads into the house.

There was that moment of silence in which she decided whether she was hurt, and then the wail of pain when she realized that she was.

After a split second of "What the fuck?!?" I dropped my watering can, ran over and scooped her up.

As I always do when she falls faceward, my first move was to flip her over and check to see if she'd done herself any damage.

She looked fine, so I breathed a small sigh of relief as I took her over to the couch to nurse. As I was getting myself ready, and she was lying in my lap crying, I tried to get a closer look, to make sure I'd not missed anything, when she opened her mouth and I saw blood.


Okay, not tons of it, but any blood in mah baybee's mouth is way too much for me. I couldn't tell where it was coming from, but what I saw was sort of pooled under her upper lip and around her gum and teeth.

Oh fuck. This is what I get for bitching so much about those fucking caps. Now she's probably knocked them right out of her head!

By that point, she'd latched on, and I knew that whatever was bleeding, the pressure she was putting on it while nursing would probably help, and the milk itself would clean out any wound, and it was definitely calming her down, so I carried her to the fridge to get Bo-Bo Bear (a flexible ice pack with a picture of a polar bear on it) then to my chair, where I sat down to wait for her to finish, all the while imagining what sort of destruction I might find when I finally got a chance to actually get a good look inside her mouth.

She seemed interested in playing with Bo-Bo Bear, so I figured that was a good sign, and before long, she was tickling me (stopping long enough to say "Tika tika tika" then going back to nursing) and "hiding" under my shirt, so I figured she was probably past the worst of it.

When she finished nursing, I looked in her mouth and saw . . . nothing out of the ordinary.

I couldn't find any evidence of any sort of injury.

I checked her teeth, gums, tongue, everywhere, and still saw nothing.


Later, I did notice that she's got a couple of red marks on her face, one of which looks like it might turn off a little more bruisey by morning.

They actually look worse in the photo than they do in real life.

I figure she hit the edge of the step, along the line shown here:


Oh, and the blood? I'm thinking it came from this teeny dot of a possibly injured place on her lip. It's the only thing I can see that looks like it might have bled recently.

You can tell that it's really bothering her.

As usual, she recovered a lot more quickly than I did.

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  1. It's usually worse for mom than for baby. It kind of looks to me as if her nose might be a bit swollen, maybe from the bump or the crying, or both. I commend you for your extended nursing. Actually, it should be called "just keeping on doing what nature intended for mothers and babies to do." Why do people get so freaked out about mothers nursing past a year?


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