Saturday, September 11, 2010

Daily Peep: Dirty Bird

Peeper is spending quite a bit of time outside these days, which makes us very happy. (Except when it's hotter or colder than what we want to be out in!)

Her play is also getting more and more deliberate all the time.

Today's project was to scoop up hands full of dirt from a dry, dusty dog-dug hole, carry them about six feet, and dump them on the sidewalk.

The original plan was to dump them into my hands, but I suggested she "make a pile" instead.

She must have made fifteen or twenty trips back and forth.


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  1. It rained overnight (finally!) and this morning, while walking around in the still-falling mist, Peeper wandered over to her dustbowl.

    She was very surprised to see that it looked so different from yesterday!


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