Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daily Peep: A Big Day

We'd decided not to take Kindermusik this semester, because it's pretty expensive and sort of a pain in the butt to drive down to Shrike's work town, do class, and drive back home, but a couple of days ago, we found out that a Music Together (pretty much the same thing) class was starting soon, much closer to home.

Today was the free demonstration class, and Peeper really enjoyed it, so I think we're going to enroll.

From there, we went to Toddler Play Time at the gym and dance studio down the road, with the MOMS Club. Peeper really liked that, too, so we're considering whether to sign her up for their toddler class, which focuses on "basic body movement, body awareness, and fundamental motor skills through the creative structuring of the class and activities."

We might wait until after the music class is over to start that.

At any rate, we've decided that for her birthday and Christmas (are you taking notes, Anonygrandma and AuntieKay?) instead of a bunch of things to go in her already over-crowded toy boxes, we'd prefer that she get money to put in her bank account (note to self: open Peeper a bank account) to be used for tuition for classes, admission to museums and other such fun stuff.

Toddler Time at the Gym

This evening, MommyA and BabyJ came over for dinner (they are housesitting for Shrike's parents, so the were nearby). This is the first time we've seen them since we stopped watching her at the end of July, and holy crow, she's grown! She weighs about 15 pounds now, and she looks great!


  1. Like. (To all that.) Have you checked into a story hour at your local library? Although she may be a little young to sit for very long, the way she loves books, I imagine she would really enjoy it.

  2. There are a couple of local libraries with story hours, but it seems that they are never at good times for us. We need to look into it again, now that we actually get up a little earlier in the mornings than we used to.

    In Kindermusik, sometimes the teacher read a story, and even at her first class, when she was 9 or 10 months old, we put her on the blanket with the big kids and she just sat there and listened, and craned her neck to see the pictures.

    We're actually (I think) going to some sort of a family fall fair at one of the local libraries tomorrow, and our goal is to get there for the story time.

    I'm sure I'll report on how that goes.


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