Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daily Peep: At the Pumpkin Patch

We took Peeper to another pumpkin farm this afternoon, and she had herself a good ol' time.

We didn't bother actually going out into the field and - believe it or not - we didn't actually bring home any pumpkins, but she found plenty of other things to do.

She's this tall this fall!
(She was
this tall last fall. Different farm. Same prop.)

There were several of these, and I think she's sort of starting to "get it."

She really liked the mums.

She got to see sheep, cows, goats, a bunny . . .

. . . and piggies.

She took a little wagon ride around the store.

And test drove some super-cool log furniture that was just her size.

And, of course, rode a pon . . . oh.

Oh my.

I guess that's where that saying comes from.

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