Friday, August 27, 2010

Twenty-Two Months

Dear Peeper:
You are twenty-two months old today. I'm afraid this letter will be rather short because we're trying to get on the road to the beach, and although I had all good intentions of writing it a few days in advance, somehow that just didn't happen.

I suspect your tooth adventure, and ensuing cranky-pantsedness had something to do with that. That has already been thoroughly discussed, so there's no reason to go into it here.

As I say every month, you are just becoming more and more of a little girl and less and less of a baby every day.

You now do even more pretend play - feeding your babies and animals, rocking and goodying your baby, and carrying her in the sling. I just love to see that.

You are very into telling us when you've hurt yourself, and asking for kisses for your boo-boos. You do it when you fall down, of course, but also any time that you notice an old scratch or other injury. A couple of times, you've even asked for kisses for bits of food on your hand or arm!

You're also becoming very empathetic, and ask us if our boo-boos hurt, and give them kisses. It is the sweetest thing.

Your words are coming along and, although I've not officially "declared" it, I think you might be saying "yellow" (laloh) - and knowing what it means.

You don't name (other) colors yet, of course, but if we ask for a certain color, you can (sometimes) get it right, and you can sort your diapers into the baskets by color. When you see me starting to stuff them, you go to the changing table, and take down all the baskets, then as I get them stuffed, I give them to you and (with a bit of prompting "This is a BLUE diaper. Can you put it in the BLUE basket, with the other BLUE diapers?") you put them all in their correct places, then put the baskets back.

You also help with other chores, like sorting laundry - you tell me whose clothes are whose - and loading and unloading the dishwasher - you're in charge of loading (nonsharp) silverware and putting away nonbreakable stuff in low cabinets.

You also take your dishes to the sink after you eat, and (sometimes) pick up the food that you've dropped on the floor.

You're a better housekeeper than I am!

Okay kiddo, it's time to get showered and finish packing and head out.

I'm a bit aprehensive about how you'll handle two days of driving (and another two days coming home, just a few days later) but I think you're going to love the beach itself.

And we're going to love watching you at the beach!

And we love you!


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