Tuesday, August 24, 2010



  1. Yay! How are the grumpies doing?

  2. I imagine she'll be pretty grumpy/dopey/sleepy and maybe a few more of the seven dwarfs, for the rest of the day. All my kids have had anaesthetic at one time or another, and they need the day to recover. Oh yes, they usually puke at some point. Hopefully she won't, but it's par for the course. By tomorrow she'll be back to her cheerful self.

  3. Well, she's rarely Bashful, and I sure am ready for Happy to reappear.

    She's napping now (for the second time) so we might be up late tonight, but she needs to sleep as much as possible whenever possible.

    Fingers crossed that MAYBE she's down for the night.

    Working on processing photos now. Will post a full account shortly. (unless she wakes up before then....)


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