Monday, August 16, 2010

Daily Peep: Little Horses

After her pony ride went so well on Saturday, we decide that it was time for Peeper to meet the little horses, so we took her to a miniature horse farm this afternoon.

Shrike and I had been there before - the summer that we moved here, which was - OhMyGod - eleven years ago.

They've added a few things, but I hear that the big finish of the show (which we didn't get to see, because Peeper was not into sitting and watching a show) hasn't changed:

After a show-long lead-up about the "talking horse" just as he's about to show his stuff, he "whispers" something to the MC, and she apologizes that "He can't talk today. He's a little ho(a)rse."
Peeper, as you can imagine, loved it all (except for the sitting and watching a show part).

This little filly is two months old.

I love you, goat!

I love this horsey tire swing.

She was digging this picnic table, just her size.

The whole reason we were there.

Hhhhha chchch!

And then we rode off into the sunset thunderstorm.

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