Sunday, August 8, 2010

Daily Peep: In the Garden

Mommy and Mama's Garden

Topsy-turvy tomatoes, with a few flowers.

Topsy-turvy bell peppers, with several flowers, and one teeny-tiny baby pepper.

Now all filled up with potting soil.

Peeper's garden: Two watermelons and one pumpkin . . .

. . . with a flower!

Now transplanted to nice big pots, and moved to a raised bed, where there's room for their vines to lay around and make fruit.

We do realize that pumpkins and watermelons don't generally require caging, but believe me, it's for their own protection.

I didn't get any photos of the actual transplanting process, because Shrike and I were too busy trying to scoop potting soil into the pots faster than Peeper could scoop it out.

Mostly, she was scooping from one pot to another, which was fine, but there was also some scooping and dumping onto the ground, which was not fine.

When we got done with that, we worked on filling up the topsy-turvies, which involved Shrike on a ladder, and me scooping bowls full of soil and passing them up to her, to dump into the planters.

We figured it was better that someone else supervise Peeper during that portion of the program.


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