Monday, August 23, 2010

Bits & Pieces


Peeper (in my lap, nursing): Baby! Baby! Baby!
Mama: Mommy will get your baby.
Mommy: Where is she?
Mama: Right there, by the door.
Mommy: Oh, Mommy can't see very well.
Peeper (signs): *glasses*

Ouch! (Or not)

These days, Peeper's really into pointing out things that hurt (she signs *hurt*) and having us kiss them. Of course, she does this when she falls down or stumbles or I accidently scratch her nose (well, if you hadn't had dog food in your mouth, for me to be trying to get out . . . ) or whatever.

She also does it any time that she notices one of the thousand scratches on her feet or legs (she refuses to wear shoes, even running around in the backyard).

Shrike reports that yesterday, she had to kiss what must have been an extremely painful spot of spaghetti sauce on her arm!

Cat Nips

A couple of days ago, Peeper looked at BoyCat and asked *milk?* so I showed her his little tiny nipples.

She is now obsessed with them. I am so, so, sorry, Mr. Kitty.

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