Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Update: Dental Drama, Act II - Busted

Shrike hadn't mentioned yesterday's dental appointment or our suspicions of cavities to her family ahead of time, because she didn't see any reason to get them all worried about what might be a big nevermind.

Today, she tried to call her parents to tell them about it, and about the plan for filling the cavities, but they played phone tag all day.

This evening, I went over to their house to drop Peeper off so I could go to a MOMS Club activity, but decided not to mention anything about it at the time, because I was already running late and just needed to drop her and run.

Well, I'd no more walked in the door, that her dad said, "So I saw D (our hairdresser, and his) today, and she said Peeper went to the dentist?"

(We all got haircuts on Monday, and had told her about the upcoming appointment.)

"Oh, yeah," I said. "We went yesterday. She's got a couple of little cavities, and we're going to get them filled on the twenty-fourth."

Well, of course, that turned into a whole big fifteen minute conversation, bringing them up to speed on the appointment and the treatment plan and everything else.

When I got to dinner - thirty minutes late - I told the other moms about getting busted, and right about then, who should walk in and have a seat not far from us, but D, her business partner T and her son, and another friend!

I said, "And, there's the woman who ratted me out about my child's rotting teeth, now!"

I went over to talk to them and told them about Shrike's dad bringing it up. She said their conversation went something like this:  

D: So, how did Peeper do at the dentist?

Papa: I don't believe we knew about that.

D: You know, that Peeper is just the cutest, sweetest, most precious little girl . . . .
Lesson Learned: There are no secrets at the beauty shop.

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