Monday, July 5, 2010


As per usual, Anonymama bought "a few" new toys before our trip, one of which was a six-piece wooden puzzle.

When I saw it, I figured (base on recent observations of her shape-sorter skills) that, at best, Peeper would play with the little shapes and might manage to not lose all the pieces by the end of the week, and at worst, it would frustrate her to the point of having to put it away.

She's played with it all week, trying various combinations and approaches, and obviously getting the idea of what's supposed to happen, but not quite managing it - yet (amazingly) not getting frustrated with it.

Then, today, Anonymama and I watched her pick up the red triangle and plop it right into the appropriate hole, then pick up the orange pentagon and wiggle it into its hole.

She did it so well that it took us a moment to realize that she'd not been able to do that yesterday!

After repeating the trick a few times with those two pieces, she brought the puzzle over to me and asked for the rest of the pieces (signed "more") and . . .

Circle (that's the easy one!) . . . oval (also pretty easy) . . . square . . . star . . . let's try this . . .

. . . nope, that doesn't work . . . yeah, that's better . . . 

. . . almost . . . allllmmmost . . .

. . . got it!


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