Saturday, July 3, 2010

Daily Peep: Bathing Cuties

BabyBro, HisLovelyWife and the twins came into town this afternoon and are spending the night. LadyKay, Kiddo1 and Frappa came over as well, for dinner and to exchange gifts for Summer birthdays (Frappa on June 6,  BabyBro on June 7, #1 on July 27, Father's Day and the Anonyparents anniversary (53 years on July 6).

After seeing my post about Peeper swimming in our backyard, Frappa suggested getting a pool and some toys for the little ones, so after dinner, we suited them up and tossed them in.

All three little ones. (Peeper's bathing suit is courtesy of Eena and Papa. They gave it to her the last time they watched her. They didn't even know that she would be swimming for the Fourth.)

Peeper and DaNiece, with Frappa in the background

Peeper and DaNephew. He's crawling and pulling up now, so there was a lot of this. At one point, he did get some water in his face and swallowed a bit and kind of panicked for a moment . . .

. . . but Daddy made it all better! 

BabyBro is also a great bubble blower - as is #1. Evidently that skill is carried on the Y chromosome in our family.

(I love how LadyKay and Anonymama are totally into the bubbles here, but DaNiece couldn't care less. She actually quite enjoyed them, just not in this particular photo.)

Did I mention that Frappa bought toys, too?

The end.


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  2. Ooops, that was from me

  3. I love Peeper's bathing suit. Very patriotic. And from the last picture it looks like there was no diaper underneath. What a big girl!

  4. There was no room for a diaper under the suit; it's a little snug!

    Also, the only purpose of swim diapers is to catch the poop and (theoretically) not contaminate the public pool.

    She'd already pooped that day, and if she had pooped in the pool, we could have dumped and refilled it pretty quickly.

  5. Great pictures! I don't think any of the ones I took yesterday are this good. I especially love the one of BabyBro and DaNephew; it's priceless!

    I think Eena and Papa need copies of some of these that really show off the suit. The beach ball ones are suitable for framing - as is the BabyBro and DaNephew one - although I don't suppose Eena and Papa would care about it. ;)

  6. I love that one of the guys, too. I took what I hope will be an equally framable one of DaNiece asleep in HerLovelyMother's arms today.


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