Monday, June 21, 2010

Bits & Pieces

Kissing It Better
This afternoon, I cut my finger while slicing an apple (not badly; I'm fine).

When I was fixing it up, Peeper looked a bit concerned, and maybe confused, so I told her that I had a boo-boo, but it wasn't bad, and I would be okay.

I showed it to her, and she kissed it!

She's never done that before - and I didn't even realize that she'd noticed that I kiss her boo-boos!

Yard Girl
At least 3 times today, I've been going over our plans for the week with Peeper, and told her that we need to mow tomorrow. I've said, "Who do you want to mow? Mama or Mommy?" and every time, she's pointed to herself!

We've not had it in us to get any veggies planted yet this year, so when I saw some "Topsy-Turvy" tomatoes and strawberries at the store yesterday, I figured that would be the easy way out.

Somehow, I thought they were going to be a tomato kit or something. Like "Hang up. Add water. Wait six weeks. Eat tomatoes."

No, dumbass. It's just a planter.

So, today, I bought a tomato plant and two strawberry plants and a big bag of potting soil. And a bellpepper plant. And another Topsy-Turby (the tomato version can also be used for peppers) and some kid-friendly sunflower, pumpkin and watermelon kits. (I hope.)

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  1. She needs a little toy mower!

  2. They have topsy turvy watermelon kits? How does that work?

  3. She is very sweet, she does need a mower (but she really wants a riding mower!) and no, I wasn't very clear about that - the sunflower, pumpkin and watermelon aren't Topsy-Turvy.


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