Monday, June 14, 2010

Daily Peep: Shhhh....

She went to sleep around 9:30. Fingers are crossed that (this time) it's not just a nap!


  1. I hope it was the real thing, the beginning of a lovely long night of sleep! BTW, sending more good thoughts your way for the event which can not yet be revealed. Hope it all works out the way you guys want it to.

  2. She did stay down all night - HOO-RAY!!!

    She was awful wiggly around midnight, and even got up on her hands and knees and looked at me a couple of times, but she slept until about 10ish this morning.

    She napped at a pretty good time this afternoon, so unless she's having a powernap in the car right now, or soon, we should be on track for tonight, knock wood!

    (She and Shrike have gone to celebrate Father's Day and June birthdays with her family; I wasn't feeling when it was time to go, and needed more napping myself, so I stayed home. They've been gone almost four hours now, so I guess it's going well.)


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