Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daily Peep: Safety Conscious

When LadyKay dropped us off at the Anonyparents' house last night, I brought the carseat in and left it sitting in the middle of the room where we (and Peep's toys) mostly hang out.

She always likes to play with any sitting-around carseat, but today she was obsessed. She managed to buckle the chest clip a few times, after several tries, and wanted desperately to buckle the crotch clip but just wasn't able to.

She also climbed up into it, which was quite a struggle the first time, but later she just hopped right up. And sat backwards in it, playing with the buckles.

(That was a big deal for no-climby baby. After at least three visits worth of "She's going to be climbing on the hearth (stone, beside a terrazzo floor) next visit," she is seriously threatening to actually do it. As in, one foot up, looking over her shoulder at me with that evil little "Are you going to stop me?" grin on her face. But, I digress.)
I finally moved the carseat into another room, before she a> Fell off backward and cracked her head on the floor (at least it's carpetted there), b> Threw a fourth holy conniption fit over the frustration of not being able buckle and unbuckle things at will, or c> Actually figured out how to unbuckle it.

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