Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daily Peep: "Gardening"

First, I mowed the backyard while Peeper and Mommy played on the patio, then Peeper and I prepared her little gardening kits for planting. This was supposed to involve pouring some water into the cups to wet down the peat pellets. It actually went more like this . . .


  1. LOL, did the poor baby seeds ever get any water? :D

  2. Yeah, what the photos don't show is that, instead of pouring water into the cups to moisten the pellets (which "must remain in the cup" according to the instructions), she dipped the pellets and the cup liners (that you take out and transplant w/the baby plant) in the water. I added some water to the cups and let those sit for a while to get good and moist, then went back - alone - and added the seeds. They're sitting in the sun now, and we're not thinking about where to put them when they outgrown their dixie cups. What? You can't grow a watermelon in a dixie cup?


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