Friday, June 25, 2010

BabyJ Update

I should've posted an update about BabyJ a couple of weeks ago, and another a week ago, but I shall get all caught up now.

Previously on The Adventures of BabyJ:
Birth Weight (3/24) - 7 lb 12 oz
Low Weight - 6 lb 14 oz
2 Months (5/24) - 7 lb 14 oz

She went back to see her family doctor two weeks ago (6/11) and weighed 8 lb 9 oz, which was a gain of about 2/3 ounce per day. That sounded really good to both me and DoulaK, (when Peeper was new, her doctor wanted to see her gain 1/2 - 1 ounce per day) but the doctor was concerned that she was "still gaining slowly" and "not gaining muscle mass," so he wanted her to see an actual pediatrician.

Last week, she saw a doctor at the same practice where we take Peeper and she weighed 8 lb 5 oz (but I don't trust any comparison between two different scales). She had blood and urine tests to rule out any metabolic problems (which came back fine), and  was given a high calorie formula, that's often used with preemies, to offer after she nurses.

MommyA said that she's sometimes taking a few ounces of that, but not after every feeding, and she's only getting it when she nurses, not when taking breastmilk by bottle, since if she's not full then, we can thaw another bottle. I also have some on hand to give her if we run out of breastmilk. So far this week, we've had enough.

When she came here on Wednesday, we'd not seen her since last Thursday, and could tell that she had filled out a lot. Her arms and legs looked fuller, with no "saggy baggy" skin, and she's even starting to get some little butt cheeks! She feels heavier, and just a lot sturdier and less fragile.

She went back to the doctor today and the great news is that she weighs 9 lb 9 oz, and the doctor doesn't need her back for a month, when she has her four-month well-baby check!

The not-so-great news is that the doctor heard a heart murmur, and will be scheduling her an appointment with the cardiologist (I assume the same one Peeper sees) to check that out, probably some time next week.

As I reminded MommyA, the vast majority of murmurs are either nothing or resolve on their own, and very few actually require any kind of treatment or repair, but of course, I know that she (and we) would appreciate a heapin' helpin' of healthy-heart mojo.


  1. Good that she is gaining! Is the domperidone helping at all?

  2. Yes, it does seem that her supply has increased. Thanks for your help with that!

  3. Congrats! It's good to hear she is gaining weight and getting cute "little butt cheeks." You're right about murmurs usually being nothing to worry about - but I'll be glad to read the update on that in the future.


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