Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roll Call

This evening, Peeper was nursing and we were playing "Who Loves Peeper?" which means that I was telling her all the people who love her.

I was going to work my way through Shrike's side of the family, and then mine.

I said "Eena and Papa (Shrike's parents) love you," and she stopped nursing and said "Papa!"
Then, when I said "Grandma and Pappy (Shrike's grandparents) love you," she stopped again, and she pretty clearly said, "Grandpa" (Gapop!).

I think she was correcting me about who is married to Grandma!

So, I explained that she has two people named "Grandma" who love her, and she said, "Grandma!" (Mamaw!)

I'm pretty sure I got her to say "Pappy" (although it sounds a lot like Papa) and she tries to say "Eena," but that's a hard one.

(Ironically. She was supposed to be "Nana," but GodzillaBoy (the oldest grandchild) pronouced it "Eena" and that stuck. It's cute, but do you know how hard it is to find cards that say, "Happy Mother's Day, Eena?")

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  1. I remember when GodzillaBoy couldn't say Nana... and when it came out Eena... LOVE IT!!!!!


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