Friday, May 14, 2010

Daily Peep: Puddle Jumper

Peeper playing in puddles in the back yard, after a series of thunderstorms this evening.



  1. The other puddle. As if we have only two random holes in the yard? Guess I won't be mowing for a bit. She gets the dirty hand thing honest. What a cute little video. Wonder if they make waders in her size?

  2. I think Peeper needs taller boots before the next storm. And poor Pooh, did he dry out? I recall a few times when my kids put their teddy bears into the bath tub, and the fur wasn't the same after it dried. It kind of went stiff.

  3. I think she might need some actual rainboots.

    Poor Pooh (and another Poor Pooh, that's almost just like this one) is in pretty bad shape, as he's been out in the weather many, many times.

    BigGaloot takes him outside, Peeper brings him in, ad infinitem.

    He might be one of the many, many stuff toys that we found out there when the snow melted.

  4. those pics should be framed!!! waaaayyy cute!!!

  5. LOL, I love her wiping her yucky hand off on your bare leg! And poooor Pooh.


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