Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mojo Please

Shrike and I are working on - well, hoping to be working on - a project here that I'm not quite ready to blog about, but if things pan out, you'll definitely hear about it later.

The first step, as is so often the case, is to get the old financial ducks in a row.

We got some very good news on that front a few weeks ago, and yesterday, we learned about the possibility of another potentially huge boost in that department.

I'm sorry to be so coy about it, but we would greatly appreciate any generic prayers / well-wishes / good vibes / happy thoughts / positive energy / mojo that you might be able to send our way, both for the financial end of things and for the thing itself.

I'm sure that The Power(s) That (Might) Be will know what to do with them.

(Oh, and I will neither confirm nor deny any speculation in the comments, so don't bother. Or, what the hell, knock yourself out. Just don't expect me to hear anything from me.)


  1. I'm sending good vibes your way for whatever it is. And just how is it that Peeper gets cuter by the day? Just when I think you've posted the cutest picture ever, along comes an even more adorable one the next day. And the "car on the boob" is too hilarious. Perhaps the car massage helps the milk flow faster?

  2. Apparently I a reeealy curious, 'cause I had a dream about what it might be. I'll tell you about it when I talk to you. :D

  3. lol - you tell me about the dream, and I'll tell you the real deal.

  4. When you wish upon a star... I will put in a wish for you to achieve/obtain/create whatever it is you are working on. Best of luck!!!

  5. Thanks, Heidi. Back atcha! ;-)


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