Monday, May 24, 2010

Daily Peep: Such a Deal!

Consignment store.

(A brand new one, right down the street from us, specializing in kid's clothes, toys and gear!)


There's storage under the lid for your crayons and playdough and what-not, and the lid itself reverses from the Lego surface (shown) to a smooth side for coloring or playdoughing or writing the Great American Baby-Novel.

The plan was to stick it in the garage or basement for a year or so, until she's big enough for it, but I don't know. She kind of loves it already.


  1. She looks plenty big enough for it to me. Doesn't she have some Legos? Oh, if you want to clean off the crayon marks so she can start fresh with her own, I hear tell Magic Eraser works pretty well.

  2. I helped her get up onto the bench. She's getting much better with climbing into things - like her car, and she climbed into AND out of the laundry basket this evening! - but I don't think her feet touch the ground on it. I think we'd just be setting ourselves up for a lot of whining if we make it available now.

    She has Duplos. No, wait, the other things. Megablocks?

    No regular Legos yet, because of the whole choking hazard thing.

    And she eats both paper and crayons, so there's not a lot of artwork going on yet.

    Funny you should mention that about the Magic Eraser. I had almost the same conversation with the girl at the consignment store.

    Her: I'm sure you can clean that up with a Magic Eraser.

    Me: So it can look like this again in a week, after she gets hold of it?

  3. Fab! Fill it with sand or water or both in the meantime? Water-loving BB has a water table...

  4. I suggest putting it in the back yard in the shade, fill it with water and give her lots of plastic cups, margarine containers, etc. and let her have water play. Put a cute little bathing suit on her and let her splash away.


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