Monday, May 17, 2010

Daily Peep: Our Day

Lately, when one of us is pottying (or is in the bathroom for any reason), Peeper likes to sit on her potty, clothes and all.

She stays a while, so we've started wondering if she mighte be actually going while she's there. We decided that it couldn't hurt to pull her diaper off and let her sit bare-bottomed, just to see if we can actually catch some pee.

That was fine, but then she escaped. Amazingly, she made it all the way across the house like this without breaking her neck.

(I could've stopped her sooner, but I slowed down, going to get the camera. Is that bad?)

I didn't get any photos of our trip to Target, with Peeper in the shopping cart and BabyJ in the wrap, but here's Peep with a couple of our finds - 99 cents each! We also got her a toy camera (that looks much more realistic than the talking one she got for Christmas) for $3.99.

We ended the day with dinner out. For dessert, we all shared a sundae, and it had way more whipped cream on it that we were really interested in. I generally give Peeper more whipped cream than ice cream, because I figure it's mostly air, so she's getting a lot less sugar and crap per spoonful.

The loaded spoons I was giving her weren't making much of a dent in it, and we wanted to get to the good stuff, so I put a plop of it on her placemat, thinking it would be good spoon practice. No. She scooped it up in her hand, and shoved it all in her mouth at once!

All those napkins that were soaked from wiping up the water she'd spilled earlier certainly came in handy at this point.


  1. Is it bad you grabbed the camera? Not in my opinion. I would do exactly the same! She is such a cutie pop and I am glad we are able to watch her from afar!!

  2. Pants on the ground, pants on the ground... ;)


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