Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daily Peep: Cruisin'

We stopped at a yardsale today, and they had two toddler cars - a Cozy Coupe, and a smaller open-topped one, with a handle for the parent to push and steer with. When we saw that they were $15 each, we thought we'd pass on them, but Peeper had other ideas.

We let her test-drive them both, and it was obvious to everyone that we were going to be buying one.

I told her that we could take one home, and asked her which one she wanted, and she chose the coupe.

When I say "chose," I mean that she clearly pointed at it, and said "Uhh!" just like when ask her to choose which color diaper she'd like to wear, or which pair of pajamas. She definitely understands that concept.

After a bit of practice, she can get into the car by herself, although she doesn't quite believe that she can, and it sometimes takes a couple of tries, and can get out by herself pretty easily.

She does "reverse" quite well, but hasn't quite gotten the hang of "drive" yet.

Actually, she can't make her little ride-on car go forward either, nor the ride-on toys at the skating rink.

Come to think of it, the closest (still) that she comes to crawling is a backward commando-scoot maneuver.

She walks forward quite well, though.

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