Friday, April 16, 2010

Up and Down

After running significant fever and feeling absolutely awful on Wednesday, Peeper woke up yesterday fever-free and chipper as could be.


We we out to lunch and for some visiting with Anonymama, and she was as charming as could be.

She took a power nap in the car on the way home around 2 pm and that held her until 6:30ish, when she crashed for about half an hour.

That, of course, held her til almost midnight.


But, she was happy and feeling good, so I really couldn't complain.

Until this morning, when she woke up running fever again!


I didn't take her temperature, but based on touch and behavior, it wasn't as high as Wednesday, and she seemed to feel pretty good by evening.

She did have a couple of kind of suspicious poopy diapers, but has not (knock wood!) vomitted.

As luck would have it, BabyBro and his crew had decided to cancel their planned overnight visit, because DaNiece now has a cold. (But DaNephew has pretty much licked his, so hopefully, hers will be short-lived, as well.)

So, at least we didn't have to call them off at the last minute.

We've got our fingers crossed that Peeper's done with this, and that DaNiece gets done with her cold, and that I'm completely done with my tummy stuff (there are some lingering effects that I'd rather not discuss) so we can go bluebonnetting on Sunday.

The plan is for me, Peeper and the Anonyparents to leave early in the morning and drive to BabyBro's house, where we'll all pile into a rented many-passenger van and drive another hour or so to where the bluebonnets and other wildflowers are blooming, and take photos of the babies in the 'bonnets.

It's a Texas thang. You wouldn't understand.

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