Saturday, April 10, 2010

There Went Peter Cottontail!

Since Shrike had to work last Sunday, we're having her family over tomorrow to celebrate Easter.

We've told Peeper that tomorrow actually is Easter (Because old Pete likes a good 75% off sale.) so if you talk to her, please play along.

I just heard the dogs barking, and when I went to check, I saw a little cottontail hopping over the fence, and found this on the table:

A basket for Peeper and cards for our niece and nephew, who will be coming to the party tomorrow.

For Peeper: An outfit (shorts, shirt, floppy hat), ponytail holder, Hershey Kisses (to share with Mama), Reese's Cups (to share with Mommy), Hershey's Bliss eggs, Dove chocolate bunny (also for sharing), rubber ducky family (Mama Duck is dressed up as the Easter Bunny), and a Peeps bubble blower! There are also something just under a dozen empty plastic eggs underneath it all. They are from the MOMS Club hunt last week. A few have disappeared, but she's been having so much fun with them, I figured we might as - um, I mean, The Easter Bunny figured he might as well put them to use.

For our niece: Dove chocolate bunny, penguin egg full of jelly beans and a not-Easter card (Bought today. Oops.) with a fiver inside.

For our nephew: Same as hers, but with a shark egg.

Edited to Add - But Wait, There's More! (Courtesy of one of Shrike's coworkers)

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  1. Fun, fun, fun! Can't wait to see tomorrow's pics.


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