Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daily Peep: Easter Party

Today was "Easter" at our house. First, Peeper opened her basket.

Then, after a dogwalk, and some last-minute cleaning, and some please-Peeper-please-take-a-nap (To no avail - I was quite stressed that she'd be sleepy but unable to nap, and it would be awful.) - it was time for the party!

Here's the table, set with a veggy tray (from Shrike's parents), brownies, pretzels, chocolate eggs, jelly beans, goldfish, a chocolate bunny, sweet and sour meatballs, Swedish meatballs, little smokey sausages, and plates waiting for Shrike's Grandma and her deviled eggs to arrive.

When Shrike's parents got here, they played outside for a while.

Peeper found some flowers that match her shirt and picked them for us! (With a little help from Eena.)

Then, Peeper fell down and kind of bonked her head. It was one of those slow-motion-downward-dog-and-she's-not-stopping-and-her-forehead-just-hit-the-driveway-oh-SHIT! kind of things.

At that point, the outside fun was over and we headed into the house.

Where we discovered that our friend A (who is actually a distant cousin of Shrike's, but they didn't know it until she met her Pappy and chatted about "do you know so-and-so" and whatta ya know!) and little BabyJ had just arrived.

I took Peeper in the bedroom for some goody and she finally went down for a nap. Whew!

She slept about an hour and a half, while I mostly sat in her room keeping A and J company, while little J did some marathon nursing. 

When she woke up, she was sociable and charming and perfect!

Shrike's sister brought her this cute little outfit that had been a gift for one of her kids.

Shrike's parents brought three outfits which you'll be seeing soon, because they are all in our suitcase, ready to go to Texas!

I'm pretty much packed for the trip, just waiting for the diapers to be dry, so I can stuff/roll/pack them, and then I'm off to bed for a minute or two of sleep before it's time to get up and head to the airport.

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