Monday, April 5, 2010

Daily Peep: At Long Last - Babywearing and Breastfeeding!

Now that the weather is so nice, we've been trying to walk the dogs as often as possible. The first day, I put Peeper in the wrap and discovered pretty quickly that she's now reached a weight (20 lbs - finally!) at which it's not so comfortable.

After a few experiments, we've settled on the "not-an-Ergo" that you've seen before. 

(It's a cheap knock-off that DoulaK bought on Ebay and has loaned to us. Not sure what we'll do in a year or so when she wants it back for her son, who will be arriving in a few weeks.)

She generally rides on my back, but a few times, she's need to switch around to the front about the time we've headed back home, and get some goody.

Yes! A couple of weeks ago, after fifteen months of babywearing and breastfeeding (both started when she was about six weeks old), I finally managed to do both at once!

The problem I've had is that, given the size and non-perkiness of my breasts, if I were to just unhook my bra and pull one out, as usual, I'd need to suspend Peeper somewhere around my waist, in order for her to be able to reach a nipple with her mouth.

A while back, though, I read about a great trick for us full-figured gals - don't unhook the bra at all, just pull the breast out over the top of the cup, and voila instant "perk!"

So, I can loosed the straps and drop Peeper a little lower than usual, pull a boob up and out, and get her latched. Once she's on, I can tighten the straps and pull her back up a bit, so it's more comfortable.

The first time we did this, she actually fell asleep before we got back home!


  1. I like your tip :) I've never managed to feed in the Beco but luckily my little one drops off quite easily from the movement alone. It looks very discreet (not that I'm too bothered about that!).

  2. That is very discreet indeed. No one would really know what Peeper is up to unless they got up quite close. Do you ever wonder, just out of curiosity, how much milk you actually make in a day? A seventeen-month old baby must drink quite a bit.


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